'Ready To Roll' & 'Riders Choice' Wheelsets

Our most popular wheelsets designed with more than a decade of experience in high end wheelbuilding. 

All of our wheels are lovingly laced and handbuilt at the RyanBuildsWheels workshop in Bristol, UK and can be shipped to almost anywhere in the world!  Details of FULL CUSTOM builds can be found HERE!

  • Ready to Roll sets are pre-built and kept here in stock for immediate dispatch! You can choose axle and freehub standards to suit your bike.
  • Riders Choice sets are even more configurable, allowing a range of customisations from hub, spoke and nipple colour, spoke count, and / or hub and rim choice to suit your riding style.

Our three core ranges all benefit from a range of discounts on labour and parts that we don’t include in our full custom offerings.  These wheels have been handpicked and chosen as our in house offerings to deliver great value and astounding performance right off the bat be it for road, mountain, gravel or beyond!

The three ranges are:

  • Factotum: Our introduction into the world of handbuilt wheels. Sturdy yet cost effective and light these are verstatile wheelsets are ideally suited to replacing tired, worn or lower end wheelsets often found on many bikes from new
  • Performance focused high end, bang for your buck wheelsets for club riders and beyond.  Featuring our in house range of high quality rim options and favourite hubs from Bitex.  Understated class and spec’d to go toe to toe with any offering in the price range.
  • Bomber: Our Premium Range of high end alloy wheelsets featuring DT Swiss PHR Series Rims and UK designed and manufactured hubs from Hope Technology.  A wide range of customisation options allow for a wheelset that’s just yours.  Now with the option to spec affordable in house hubs too!

These wheelsets offer all the benefits of handbuilt, custom wheels without the added cost of a fully bespoke build.

Can’t find what you need? If you’d like to go full custom then head on over to our custom, hand-built wheels page.

**LATE SUMMER ’21: Lead times are now down to 3-4 weeks.  Hope Hubs 7-8 Weeks. It’s good to be popular!**

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