About Us

RyanBuildsWheels has been in business since 2014 but, in truth, we’ve been building wheels for way longer.

What started as a passion grew into a profession. It all began in a spare room with a spoke key, then was nurtured in some of the best bike shops in Bristol and finally took on a life of its own. 

We’re now one of the UK’s most-respected custom bicycle wheel builders, based out of our fully equipped workshop in St Werburghs, Bristol.

I believe that exceptional wheels make exceptional bicycles. 

With a little bit of time, care and knowledge you can transform a bike beyond the ‘off-the-peg’ and beyond the ordinary.

Expertly built, bespoke, hand-built bicycle wheels can last a lifetime, can help you to ride further and faster and improve your experience on two wheels.

I started RyanBuildsWheels because I saw a need for high quality, hand-built and custom bicycle wheels. Bespoke bike wheels that are perfectly matched to bicycle, terrain and rider and built to exacting tolerances with the very best equipment. Wheels that can survive everything you throw at them, be it a round-the-world adventure, your next sportive, a season of mountain bike racing or simply the relentless abuses of the daily commute.

Offering much more than just hand-built bicycle wheels, we also carry out hub servicing, wheel repairs, rim replacements, and in 2018 launched SpokesFromRyan, offering a huge range of custom cut spokes to both the trade and public alike.

We also now offer our own range of ready-made, hand-built wheels for road, off-road and utility bikes. This collection brings together our very favourite components to create wheels that offer all the benefits of custom without the added cost of going fully bespoke. You can visit the RyanBuildsWheels online shop for those.

Who are we?

RyanBuildsWheels is run by a small team of 3 passionate misfits, wheel-nerds and bike punks. We are Ryan, Joey and Pete.

We’re a full-fledged workers co-op, meaning that we all co-own and run the business together. We all get an equal share of the hard work and all profits are ethically distributed between us. This is something that’s immensely important to us.

We put people over profit and feel we’ve created something truly special that’s more than the sum of its parts. Just like the lovingly laced, obsessively perfect hand-built wheels that we’re known for.

The RyanBuildsWheels team was brought together by a shared passion for the freedom of riding bikes, a desire to smash the system and the joy of hand-built wheels.

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Where are we?

RyanBuildsWheels is based in St Werburghs, Bristol, UK.

Our address is: RyanBuildsWheels, Unit 6, Minto Road, Bristol, BS2 9YW.
Phone: 0117 955 6269
Email: [email protected]


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