Fancy a chat or want to place an order?

You can email or call any time about wheel building, custom spokes, my master classes or … just for a chat about wheels!


My opening hours are 10am-6pm, Tuesday-Friday. 

07534 583 568 (Texts not accepted)
Address: Unit G1, Kingsland Studios, 157-179 Kingsland Road, Bristol BS2 0QW.

Emailing for a quote? Please provide as much info as you can on what you're looking for in your new set of wheels and we'll work together to build the perfect pair.

Don't know what any of the below means? Don't worry! I'll be more than happy to help. Our 'Components' and 'Pricing' sections are work in progress but please read them first for a quick guide.

Please include:

-Rider weight in KG, any luggage that will be carried in addition, riding style and intended use, the bike you'll be using.
-Letting me know the axle standards you require is also very helpful; likewise which type of gearing system you use and the freehub standard you may require.
-Whether your bike is running rim or disk brakes and if disk whether you have a preference for 6-bolt vs Centrelock.
-Any components you've already been considering along with any aesthetic or performance considerations you'd like me to take into account.

Hit me up!