Wheel Building Tools

Our tools

Since day one, we’ve committed to using the very best tools available. These tools guarantee that your wheels will be accurate to a hair’s width and perfectly tensioned.

This page is for people like us, the wheel building geeks, to understand the beautiful tools that help us to lovingly lace our favourite bicycle components.

Morizumo SCT Spoke Cutting Machine

Morizumi-San is a hero in the world of spokes, a one-of-a-kind craftsman. Morizumi learned his art through years of craft at Asahi Spoke in Japan and used this expert knowledge to create the Morizumi SCT spoke cutting machine.

He first built the machine to provide spokes for his friends before finally relenting and reproducing it commercially after countless requests. His sons continue to build the machine under his supervision to this day in their small, Osaka machine shop practicing cleanliness, accuracy and patience.

The SCT allows us to roll spokes to any length with accuracy to the nearest mm. Where many manufacturers offer spokes in 2mm increments, I can cut to the mm meaning an exact fit for your wheel and a safer, stronger thread more thorough thread engagement.

The threads are rolled on high end Japanese dies, rather than cut. This ensures that no stress risers are formed and that the crystalline structure of the steel is not disrupted.

P&K Lie Special 250 Truing Stand

The P&K Lie Truing Stand is a true work of art, built lavishly in steel and brass.

It allows us to build wheels with perfect accuracy time and time again, whilst keeping the rate of building as high as it can be to reduce your time off the bike.

The P&K Lie Special is accurate to an incredible 0.025mm.

Wheel Fanatyk Tensionometer

The Fanatyk Tensionometer offers a rare element of digital measurement in our otherwise analogue world.

It’s the evolution of the classic Jobst Brandt designed tool that has stood the test of time since the 1970’s.

The Fanatyk Tensionometer offers incredible accuracy and repeatability but more so it allows for the optimal high and even tension. It allows us to build wheels that stand up to the test of time and all the abuse that can be thrown at them.

Allowing for significant accuracy at both low and high tensions means it’s the perfect tool to pair with many modern 11 or 12 speed set ups.


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