MTB Bomber

Never let you down, fully customisable mountain bike goodness. Our most popular MTB wheel with your choice of internal width  in 26, 27.5 or 29″ wheel sizes.

Premium DT Swiss PHR rims, Hope Pro4 or Bitex MTB Hubs and Sapim Butted Spokes. Utterly bombproof. 

For MTB.


Choose from the colours below or go black with two coloured nipples of your choice either side of the valve hole; the RBW signature.

We’re rolling! Lead time now stands at *4 weeks* for our most popular builds! 7-8 weeks for Hope Hubs.

Product details


  • DT Swiss PHR Series Rims; the lightweight XM421, the do it all EX471 and XM481, or the take a beating EX511.
  • 26″ (EX471 only), 27.5″ or 29″
  • Either HopePro4 Hubs in your choice colour or choose affordable high quality options from Bitex.
  • A custom blend of butted or bladed spokes to suit bike and rider in black or silver.
  • DT Swiss Alloy Sqourx nipples or upgrade to a range of coloured Ano’d options from  Sapim.
  • 1680-2125g the pair, depending on options!

Our MTB Bomber offers tough, lightweight and reliable custom mountain bike wheels that won’t let you down with a range of premium components. An RBW favourite they bring bang for your buck hand built wheels with just the right amount of stiffness for their intended use and bombproof DT Swiss PHR Washer reinforced rims ready for the rough stuff.

Available with four rim options to suit the modern rider.  Those looking for a fast and responsive lightweight set of trail wheels will benefit from the 25mm trail ready XM421.   The EX471 and XM481 offer our most popular do anything options in both 25 and 30mm internal widths for the bike park and beyond.  The 30mm wide EX511 is an Enduro ready rim suitable for heavier or more aggressive and those who want a wheelset that just won’t die. 25mm Widths are ideally suited for tyres up to 2.40″ whilst 30mm internals accommodate 2.10-2.80″ wide tyres giving a more generous footprint and less bulb shaped tyre profile for increased stability.

The legendary Hope Tech Pro4 hubs need no introduction. UK designed and manufactured they remain are unbeatable in all conditions. Hands down our favourite brand of hub manufacturer.  Meanwhile our in house range of Bitex hubs have a 6 pawl freehub and are equipped with long-lasting TPI sealed bearings throughout and are weatherproofed in house. All options feature large flanges, increased bearing sizes, and a sturdy freehub body for those that want a stiffer wheelset with hub internals that will truly take an off road beating. Easily serviceable throughout and with swap-able plug ‘n’ play freehub bodies, end-caps and rear axles alongside  mean that the MTB Bomber’s are wheels for life suitable for your current frame and beyond!

A variety of spoke options allow for fine tuning.  Butted spokes bring performance and longevity at lower cost: light riders below 75kg and/or those with excellent line choice and technical ability will benefit from the weight savings of the Sapim D-Light whilst the Sapim Race is an excellent all round spoke.  Riders of all weights and ability who are looking for a truly performance focused set of wheels can opt to upgrade to the Sapim CX Ray.  Bringing further weight savings along with a fatigue life that’s through the roof, bladed spokes aren’t just for your road riding lycra clad mates!

Final customisation comes in the form of upgrading to PHR compatible Sapim Polyax Double Square 7075-T6 Heat treated nipples in your choice of full stealth black, a range of bright anodised colours or your choice of custom chosen coloured highlights either side of the valve to show that these wheels really are just yours!

120kg total system load on XM421 trail rims with all others being rated to 130kg.

All our wheels come equipped with two layers of high end tubeless tape, professionally installed free of charge.

Any questions? Just get in touch!

RyanBuildsWheels Ready to Roll wheelsets

All of our Ready to Roll Wheelsets are lovingly laced at the RyanBuildsWheels workshop in Bristol, UK. They’re made to order and can be shipped to almost anywhere in the World.

Our Ready to Roll Wheelsets are made from a handpicked collection of our favourite hubs, rims, spokes and nipples. These parts have been carefully selected to offer us the best quality of build and our customers the best quality of ride. They’re built to balance strength, weight, longevity and value.

These wheelsets offer all the benefits of handbuilt, custom wheels without the added cost of a fully bespoke build.


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