MTB Bomber

Never let you down, mountain bike goodness.

DT Swiss XM481 rims, HopePro4 Hubs and Sapim Butted Spokes. Utterly bombproof. 

For MTB.


Product details

**Please Note: Due to demand and popularity lead time is currently 4 weeks**


  • DT Swiss XM481 Rims
  • 27.5″ or 29″
  • HopePro4 Hubs in your choice of axle standards
  • Custom Blend of Sapim Double Butted Spokes to Suit Bike and Rider, black or silver; your choice.
  • DT Swiss Alloy Sqourx Nipples, Silver .
  • 1900/1980g the pair

DT Swiss XM481 rims, HopePro4 Hubs and Sapim Butted spokes. Tough, reliable mountain bike wheels that won’t let you down.

Our absolute favourite bang for your buck hand built mountain bike wheels. The RyanBuildsWheels MTB Bomber is just the right amount of stiff and utterly bombproof with bombproof DT Swiss PHR Washer reinforced rims.

The legendary Hope Pro4 hubs are made in the UK and are unbeatable in all conditions.

RyanBuildsWheels Ready to Roll wheelsets

All of our Ready to Roll Wheelsets are lovingly laced at the RyanBuildsWheels workshop in Bristol, UK. They’re made to order and can be shipped to almost anywhere in the World.

Our Ready to Roll Wheelsets are made from a handpicked collection of our favourite hubs, rims, spokes and nipples. These parts have been carefully selected to offer us the best quality of build and our customers the best quality of ride. They’re built to balance strength, weight, longevity and value.

These wheelsets offer all the benefits of handbuilt, custom wheels without the added cost of a fully bespoke build.


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