About Ryan Builds Wheels.

I’m a professional wheel builder based in Bristol, UK. RyanBuildWheels came about as a way focus on a passion for wheels and to help fund a foray into the world of frame-building before quickly becoming a full time venture. Whilst I enjoy nothing more than being at the truing stand, tea in hand listening to an eclectic mix of guitar based noise I spend the rest of my time brazing, tinkering, mending and riding.

My initial love of bikes stems from long speed driven rides along the winding lanes of Worcestershire into the hilly climes of the Welsh Borders. After picking up a taste for long self supported touring and Audax, after a brief sojourn living on the bike I returned to Bristol ready to don ¾ length shorts and start smashing my fair share of mountain bike frames whilst attempting to go down hill at speed.

I built my first pair of wheels whilst working as a cycle haulier in Australia and to prepare my steed for the rigours of my life on the road that was to follow. Those wheels are now over seven years old, the rear made it’s way onto a friends cargo bike and the front to a courier in London: both are still standing strong and true to this day.

Since then I honed my craft  in the workshops of some of Bristol’s best bike shops & after nearly half a decade of professional wrenching have now hung out my shingle in my fully  workshop only 5 minutes walk from Temple Meads Station.

What started as a sideline interest grew into an obsession, a passion and finally a business: I count myself as one of the lucky few who work doing what they love and I’d be thrilled if you’d join me in that journey.

My opening hours are 10am-6pm Tuesday-Friday.

Email: via my contact page.
Phone:07534 583 568