Guarantee and warranty information

My guarantee is one that I’m proud of.

Every wheel leaves the workshop with a lifetime guarantee for workmanship and reliability.

All wheels will be true to 0.1mm lateral and 0.25mm radial play (usually a lot less) and with perfectly balanced spoke tension within the manufacturers specifications and tolerances. That’s really straight!

With the right care and maintenance I guarantee that your wheels will stay true and free from spoke failure within their intended use.

In the most unlikely event that you have a problem simply return your wheel to me for re-truing or replacement spokes, free of charge. If a repair in person is not possible due to distance then I will happily cover the cost of repair at your nearest reputable bike shop.



This guarantee does not cover any postage costs to me or other locations.

Additionally all component parts are covered by their respective manufacturing warranties which I can handle for you for no fee.

This guarantee does not cover material damage from crashes, strikes during off road use or damage to spokes due to incorrect rear derailleur settings but we do offer a much reduced build rate for such eventualities. Nor does it cover the normal wear and tear of the rim due to braking or spokes reaching the end of their normal fatigue life after many thousands of miles. I am more than happy to advise on all these aspects and should you have any questions then please do get in touch.

All work is covered by public liability insurance.

For any issues or warranty questions as well as for maintenance of your wheels please use the form below:

Please include your weight and the weight of any luggage you will carry, riding style, the bike you will use, freehub type, type of brakes (disk or rim) and any other useful information you can. Your suggested rim, hub and spokes would be useful.