Learn Wheelbuilding with RyanBuildsWheels!

The ultimate gift for the favourite cyclist in your life! For the holiday season we’re bringing back our 1 to 1 Wheelbuilding Masterclass! What’s more it’s even available at the weekends now; they’ll have time to enjoy a visit to Bristol as well as to craft a pair of wheels that are truly theirs. Every masterclass comes with it’s own printed voucher and personalised message, it’s always nice to have something to unwrap.

There’s nothing to stop you building your own wheels… Although learning can be a frustrating experience. That’s where I can help!

After a day’s one-to-one tuition you will leave with a pair of wheels built to your specifications, a deep understanding of how and why they work, and with the joy of having used exactly the same tools and processes that I would use to build any of my own. Taught as either an in depth exploration into the world of wheels for those already familiar with wheelbuilding, with freewheeling discussions about the any of the minutiae you may wish to discover about the wired wheel world (perfect for those in the trade to help enhance their craft too!) or for those just starting out at a much simpler, relaxed pace in a format guaranteed to let you bring your own pair of hoops home to show off at the end of the day.

Depending on course format we’ll cover everything from simply how to measure and lace your own spokes into a rim all the way wheel design principles and considerations, the theory and underlying physics of the spoked wheel, and the myriad of professional hints, tips, and tricks used by the pro’s.   Once laced up the task of tensioning, truing, fine tuning and weatherproofing your wheel takes place. After all the hard work a wondrously engineered structure awaits it’s first ride!

The cost of a day’s tuition is £200 plus the cost of components (you can leave component choice and / or payment to them, don’t worry!); all Christmas Gift Vouchers come with 15% off the cost of hubs, rims, spokes and nipples included; meaning that your favourite cyclist can truly build the wheels of their dreams.

Fancy a chat about tuition?
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Emailing for a quote? Please provide as much info as you can on what you're looking for in your new set of wheels and we'll work together to build the perfect pair.

Don't know what any of the below means? Don't worry! I'll be more than happy to help. Our 'Components' and 'Pricing' sections are work in progress but please read them first for a quick guide.

Please include:

-Rider weight in KG, any luggage that will be carried in addition, riding style and intended use, the bike you'll be using.
-Letting me know the axle standards you require is also very helpful; likewise which type of gearing system you use and the freehub standard you may require.
-Whether your bike is running rim or disk brakes and if disk whether you have a preference for 6-bolt vs Centrelock.
-Any components you've already been considering along with any aesthetic or performance considerations you'd like me to take into account.

Hit me up!