RBW.cc Road

A performance-focused wheelset geared around 23-32c rubber. Built with Bitex hubs and our in house range of rims and Sapim spokes.

For Road.


We’re rolling! Lead time now stands at *4 weeks* for our most popular builds! 7-8 weeks for Hope Hubs.

Product details


  • Bitex RAF/RAR12 Hubs
  • RBW.cc 23mm Road Rims, w/offset rear.
  • 20/24h front/rear.
  • Custom Blend of Sapim Double Butted spokes
  • Or upgrade to Sapim CX Ray spokes
  • Sapim 7075 T6 Polyax  Nipples
  • 700c
  • From 1430g (CX Ray)
  • Looking for disc versions? Go here!

Our in house .cc range of wheels brings together the most popular high spec components we use to create handbuilt wheelsets at an exceptional price point, benefiting from a discount on both parts and labour helping to make them even more competitive.

The .cc Road is is our go to performance focused wheelset for general road use. 23mm rims provide a a light, responsive and quick to accelerate ride whilst forgoing the speed benefits of our Sprint wheelsets. Manufactured from 6066 T6 heat treated alloy, these rims are naturally stronger than the more common 6061 option.  An offset spoke bed out back coupled with progressive flange spacing means a more even tension balance between drive and non drive spokes meaning a stronger, longer lasting wheel whilst the front wheels radial lacing brings increased lateral stiffness for improved cornering.

Bitex RAF/RAR12 series hubs are lightweight, exceptionally well priced, and suitable for day in day out riding.  Equipped with high end TPI sealed bearings throughout their rear six pawl freehub design give a high engagement angle of 7.5 degrees for power transfer and acceleration after coasting or hard cornering and all hubs come with a custom weatherproof treatment for both external bearings seals and freehub mechanism.

Sapim Race double butted spokes offers a light weight, stiff wheelset without braking the bank whilst the Sapim D-Light is an excellent choice for riders below 75kg looking to save weight without much additional expense. Finally upgrade to the bladed Sapim CX Ray for further weight savings, aero benefits, and a legendarily long fatigue life.  We’ve saved weight where it matter without compromising sturdiness by using the excellent Sapim 7075 T6 polyax nipples available in your choice of colour.

In their stock setup these are best suited to riders up to 90kg, but with increased spoke counts can rated for riders up to 110kg making; get in touch if you’d like discuss these options!

RyanBuildsWheels Ready to Roll wheelsets

All of our Ready to Roll Wheelsets are lovingly laced at the RyanBuildsWheels workshop in Bristol, UK. They’re made to order and can be shipped to almost anywhere in the World.

Our Ready to Roll Wheelsets are made from a handpicked collection of our favourite hubs, rims, spokes and nipples. These parts have been carefully selected to offer us the best quality of build and our customers the best quality of ride. They’re built to balance strength, weight, longevity and value.

These wheelsets offer all the benefits of handbuilt, custom wheels without the added cost of a fully bespoke build.


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