RBW’s Factotum Ceramic Road. (Riders Choice Build Kit)


Our go to, do it all, performance focused rim brake road wheelset with options to suit every pocket.


The Factotum are our go to, do it all, performance focused rim brake road wheelset with options to suit every pocket. You can set them up to do anything from light touring or winter training miles or build an all out race ready wheelset to complement your rim brake equipped road bike with plenty of custom options and weights of sub 1450g easily achievable depending on options.

Here you can select which components you’d like for your own build kit; you tell us what you want and we’ll send it along with all spoke calculations performed in house ready for you to tackle the task of building a superb set of wheels at home. As part of our ‘Riders Choice’ semi-custom range all the components you’ll see here bring with them a healthy discount on RRP giving riders everywhere the chance to craft something special at a fair price.

The first wave of Factotums will all be equipped with our ceramic braking surface absolutely free of charge. Given that this usually doubles the cost of the rim now’s a great time to pick them up; a pair of insert compatible brake pads are supplied free of charge to make sure you get the best braking performance available.

The Factotum’s rim is an ‘open mould’ / OEM rim that we’ve come to know and love dearly. Very popular with other custom builders you’ll find it listed as the Flirt, Lark, and a few others respectively. At 430g, 23mm deep and 23mm wide (19mm internal width) it’s a great all rounder with a profile, weight and finish exceptionally close the DT Swiss RR411. With a welded join, tubeless ready bead interface, exceptionally strong spoke bed, a shot blasted finish with internal as well as external anodising there’s very little not to like about the Factotum unless you’re looking for something deeper in profile or with your favourite brands name on it.

The ceramic coating is similar in concept to better known names, such as Mavic’s Exalith, giving improved braking power in both wet and dry conditions whilst extending the wear life of the rim. That said the coating does require some additional care over non-coated rims in terms of cleaning of both braking surface and brake pad to ensure that no chips of stone or other debris scratch the surface prematurely. Do note that over time the coating will wear to a silver braking surface and that this is normal. If you have any questions about this just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Our build kits use hubs from Novatec, Bitex and Hope, with either a butted or bladed spoke available in silver or black. See the drop down menus above for more details on all of these options and visit our quick hub and spoke primer to get you started and feel free to get in touch with any questions to help you craft your new wheels.


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