Rider Report: Deb’s Feeds back on her brand SPANKING new RD+ Wheels!

Spank Vibrocore Rims Ride Report

Let’s take a look at Spank Industries new Vibrocore Rims !

Last month Deb’s got in touch with the to say “I’m looking for a pair of Uber Winter Wheels which can also double up for general purpose all year round use, with a cunning design enthusing on reliability and comfort. Is it possible to build wheels to absorb vibration?” The answer? A resounding “YES!”

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Who Are We? Existential Interrogations with Pete Stanley


Meet Pete! RyanBuildsWheels resident ‘SpokeBloke’ and Customer Service Guru.

Pete Stanley RyanBuildsWheels

Who are you and what’s your role:

Sales and Accounts Manager – I also run the SpokesFromRyan website and deal with day to day online orders and customer service; you can call me or drop us an email on spokes@ryanbuildswheels.co.uk any time. Continue reading →

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In:Depth. A-Force AL33, The Ultimate Road, Cyclocross and Adventure Rim

A-Force AL33 Rim

The A-Force AL33 has taken the RBW workshop by storm these past two years.  The be all and end all in high performance alloy road rims, available in both rim and disk brake configurations they build up into some of the most stunning wheelsets that we sell.  Why? Read on to find out all the juicy tech details, learn about our AL33 Test Wheels programme, and explore some of our most popular A-Force build options for your Road, Gravel or Adventure Bikes!

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Matt Jones’s ‘Lap Of My Mind’ AL33 Adventure + Review!

Friend of RyanBuildsWheels and ultra endurance local legend Matt Jones borrowed a set of our A-Force test wheels to make his epic charity ride a bit faster. ‘Lap Of My Mind’ took Matt and 10 other riders along a 4500 mile, 20 day non stop relay challenge during the grimmest months of the year all in the name of raising awareness and money around Mental Health.  As a group all three of us face our own mental health challenges so we were only too happy to make Matt’s portion of the challenge that this bit easier.  Here’s what he thought!

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Bearded Bespoked

What the heck does this beard have to do with Bespoked?

Bespoked 2019! The RyanBuildsWheels team attended another amazing edition of Bespoked. We had an awesome time, loved it, loved meeting all of you and are already looking forward to next year. Unfortunately, the experience was a bit marred  by the unconscious bias Joey experienced during the event. Read on… Continue reading →

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Post Bespoked Wheelset Price Crash!

We recently built a number of wheelsets to show at Bespoked, The UK Handbuilt Bicycle Show and it was excellent! We now have these wheelsets to sell at a fantastic 20% off! Buy ’em now before they’re gone! We’ll be adding direct link to these in the web shop over the next few days – alongside more pictures and in depth specification details – but if you can’t wait, give us a call and we can sort it out over the phone! Continue reading →

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Why we’re not touching Black Friday

An alternative view on this most sacred of days:

Black is one of our favourite colours; it makes most of our wardrobes intensely simple, goes well with Ryan’s favourite red and white aesthetic, makes wheel components available in a great looking gloss, satin or shot peened options, allows an anodised nipples to really pop or for silver spokes to hit that sweet high contrast.  If there was a flag we were going to wave then it’d almost certainly be black and Black Flag are a fucking excellent, right on kinda band.  We like black, we like it a lot. Continue reading →

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Winter Training Wheels Autumn Sale

Winter Training Road Wheels

Sorry to draw on an old cliché but yep, Winter is coming.

If you’re serious about riding road you’ll want to consider a pair of Winter Training Wheels.

You can see my hand built winter wheels in my shop, contact me for a quote on a custom wheel set… or read on for some insight on what I’d recommend for your Winter Training Wheels.

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25% off Ready to Roll Wheels!

***Up and coming stock builds listed at the bottom!***

It’s easy to accumulate a good amount of spare hubs and rims as a wheelbuilder…and this past year has been no exception! As well as the hundreds of custom builds that have kept me busy out of any downtime so as not to wreck productivity I build the odd ‘stock’ wheel when it’s quieter.  Built to slightly less than my usual exacting tolerances (0.1mm runout, 5% tension balance; these are 0.25mm at the most, balanced to within 10%: still pretty close!) these represent wheels built to the standards of quality that you’d be able to buy from most quality bike shops if you asked for a set of handbuilt wheels from them.  I price all of these wheels at 25% off their usual RRP thus representing a real bargain: contact me for purchase details.  Complete wheelsets can be shipped from as little as £12.50. Continue reading →

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