Why Handbuilt Wheels?

Hand-built Wheels are the ultimate upgrade for any bike.

Lighter and stronger than your stock wheels they increase acceleration, improve ease of handling, increase maximum speed and reduce the amount of effort needed to keep you there.

Strength and dependability speak for themselves.  If you ride hand built then you’ll ride longer, ride faster and ride happier.

The time, care and craft that goes into lacing, bedding in, tensioning, truing and balancing your wheels far exceeds that of stock factory wheels and many wheels built by shops: see ‘Tools’ for details of the stringent tolerances that I keep throughout my work.

With a set of hand-built wheels you buy not only performance but longevity and dependability. With a lifetime ‘stay true’ and spoke breakage guarantee this is an investment that lasts.

The components that you and I specify together will far exceed the quality of stock wheels and be tailored to your needs based on rider weight, riding style and use. Shop bought wheels allow no such customisation.

As the component that will affect the feel of your machine the most, is it not crucial that, for the discerning rider, the wheel is just right?

Email: Ryan@RyanBuildsWheels.co.uk
Phone: 0790 4857 007

Ready for a quote on a pair of hand build wheels?

Contact me to get started.

Please include your weight and the weight of any luggage you will carry, riding style, the bike you will use, freehub type, type of brakes (disk or rim) and any other useful information you can. Your suggested rim, hub and spokes would be useful.