Learn Wheelbuilding with RyanBuildsWheels.

There’s nothing to stop you building your own wheels… Although learning can be a frustrating experience.

That’s where I can help.

After a day’s one-to-one tuition you will leave with a pair of wheels built to your specifications, a deep understanding of how and why they work, and with the joy of having used exactly the same tools and processes that I would use to build any of my own.

Typically we will each lace one of your wheels as this is the most time consuming task to handle and many students find having me physically demonstrating at the same time to be a great help.  After this the task of tensioning, truing and finally balancing a wheel takes place, after all the hard work a wondrously engineered structure awaits it’s first ride!

The cost of a day’s tuition (10am-6pm) is £150 plus the cost of components at my standard 10% off RRP.

Please call for a chat about tuition on
07534 583 568

Please get in touch to arrange your wheelbuilding master class.


Please include your weight and the weight of any luggage you will carry, riding style, the bike you will use, freehub type, type of brakes (disk or rim) and any other useful information you can. Your suggested rim, hub and spokes would be useful.