The cheapest Sapim Spokes Online!

I build with Sapim spokes because they offer a better price point for both you and me.  At request and additional cost I can also build with DT Swiss spoke offerings.  Technical specification can be supplied upon request for the two brands but after extensive research and discussions with other builders there is much the muchness.  A detailed blog post will explore spoke choice and materials in the future.

I am also proud to offer the South-West’s only high quality custom cut spoke service.  Be it J-Bend or Straighpull, Black or Silver, my spoke inventory is extensive with all lengths available to suit any wheel from large hub Bromptons to 27 1/4″ box section vintage rebuilds.

My Morizumi Spoke Cutting Machine also allows me to supply direct to bike shops and you at higher quality yet much cheaper price than many others.

Are you a local bike shop?

Then I can provide high quality, custom cut spokes at a cheaper price than your distributors with free delivery to the city centre or surround and with a much smaller quantity limit.  Additionally I can also offer same or next day rush job deliveries of hard to find spoke lengths to help you finish that crucial job.

Are you a member of the public?

Then you can browse my eBay store HERE for all your Sapim Spoke needs and to see what’s available.  Once you’ve found what you want then simply get in touch via this websites contact page.